BAKAS Renewable Energy (BREL) is a private limited company registered in 2016 under the Company Act of Nepal. The company produces alternative energy sources for industrial and household uses. The maiden venture of the company is manufacturing biomass pellets using forest floor undergrowth, which is highly inflammable and a key trigger for the outbreak of forest fires. The raw material also comes from farm field biomass, sawdust and agriculture wastes. The biomass pellet production process creates employment opportunities to the local communities, largely women and disadvantaged groups of people, engaging them in collection and processing of the raw materials from the forest floor as well as farmers fields. The pellets are used by industries like brick, cement and many more Industries that require energy for heating or cooling of their products. The company is developed by a group of professionals working in different sectors of renewable energy including hydropower, solar, forest and environmental management. Bo2 investment is assisting in setting up the factory. Commercial transaction will commence in 2021.

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