This company led by young dynamic group of entrepreneurs is geared to take up an instrumental role in bringing the much-needed facelift to the Nepal’s traditional ‘chalk and talk’ educational methodology in classrooms by assimilating more scientific, logic-based learning approach. The company targets to grow its financials by capitalizing on filling this huge unmet demand by improving the education-practices in Nepal. The company has over in the last 5 years worked with 10,000 students in over 100 schools in the Kathmandu Valley. Karkhana’s entry strategy had primarily, in the beginning, been as an educational service provider to enter the market. Now they are in a position to transition and scale up their position as an educational product cum service provider. Bo2 capital investments in this company will help Karkhana achieve its true potential.

Gandaki Urja

Gandaki Urja is Nepal’s largest commercial scale biogas plant that daily converts 45,000 kgs of organic waste matter into 1,600 kgs of high quality compressed natural gas and 11,000 kgs of organic fertilizer. This replaces imported LPG and chemical fertilizer, making enormous impact to the local economy, alleviating negative balance of payment by substituting import and helping Nepal transition to a sustainable energy future.

The company is owned and managed by a group of young entrepreneurs and energy experts. Bo2 partnership has helped it to lead the market in manufacturing sustainable energy source, with zero net greenhouse emissions, that uses all-natural process, which is called anaerobic digestion to turn waste into clean energy. Gandaki Urja was the recipient of the prestigious international Energy Global award 2020.

Contact Details:
Website: http://gandakiurja.com/


The Lakeside Retreat

The Lakeside Retreat Pvt. Ltd. is a hotel at Fewa lakeside, Pokhara. Established in the year 2012, the hotel has been built in the theme of a resort with a large spacious garden and swimming pool and is conveniently located near restaurants and bars at the lakeside. The hotel is equipped with spa, restaurant and ample parking space. With Bo2 investment, the property plans to increase its rooms, add a conference hall and promote MICE tourism. After expansion, the property will serve more than 19,000 tourists per year in Pokhara, thereby boosting the economy of Nepal and meeting visit Nepal 2020 Goal. 40% of total tourists visiting Nepal visit Pokhara every year.