Entrepreneurship and Investment

The second iteration of MNS VMAG Weekends’ Sky Education Agenda Sessions was held at the Summit Hotel in the Capital on Saturday. The event saw a discussion on the early stage investment in entrepreneurship that featured some of the key investors and entrepreneurs from Nepali business scape–Saurav Jyoti, Arun K Chaudary, Siddhanta Pandey, Vidhan Rana, Amun Thapa, Puja Tandon, Abhay Poudel, and Niraj Khanal–who talked about issues ranging from the current trends in investment in Nepal, the challenges of utilising funding and the history of investment in Nepal, among others.

The session was moderated by Kavi Raj Joshi, founder and managing director of MNS NEXT.

“MNS VMAG has been involved in the sector of entrepreneurship in Nepal and has been attempting to bridge the gap between investors and entrepreneurs. In this episode of the Agenda Sessions, we are trying to explore issues such as the importance of early stage investment in a business venture and if the entrepreneurs are getting the investment they seek,” said Kavi Raj Joshi, speaking to the Post.

The first edition of the Sky Education Agenda Sessions saw discussion on the tourism industry in Nepal.

MNS VMAG has been hosting events at select venues with one offour areas of focus–agenda discussions, entertainment, ‘Inspire’ and fWeekends series.ood-as part of their M&S VMAG.

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