Clean and Green: Cow dung holds the key to Nepal’s green economy [Length 2:16 Minutes]

Join us on a trip to Kaski for a tour of Gandaki Urja’s new industrial scale biogas plant that produces methane gas from farm and urban waste. The bio-CNG is sold to big hotels in Pokhara, and the by-product organic fertiliser to surrounding farms. This is the future of energy in Nepal.

Business Oxygen (BO2), Investment Impact Video [Length 4:19 Minutes]

Investing in entrepreneurship by unlocking barriers for SMEs in Nepal, supporting and facilitating inclusive growth for a prosperous Nepal.

Investment Made: Dalle Restaurant [Length 1:00 Minutes]

BO2 invests in Nepal’s leading fast casual restaurant that is supplementing direct jobs for over hundreds of youths.

Himalayan Chain Resort [Length 1:00 Minutes]

BO2 partners with IFC to invest and facilitate Nepal’s prominent mountaineer and Sherpa entrepreneur to develop eco-lodges in the Everest and Khumbu trails

Investment Made: Saral Urja Nepal [Length 1:00 Minutes]

BO2 invests in pioneers whose vision inspire many to bring diversification to the energy mix of Nepal.

Business Oxygen (BO2), Impact Investment (short video) [Length 1:00 Minutes]

Business Oxygen(BO2), Nepal’s first International Private Equity Impact Fund with a climate focus, that supports inclusive and sustainable growth