BO2 makes it’s first successful exit by divesting from Godawari International

07 Nov 2019

BO2 has been successful in making its mark in the private equity space in Nepal by making its first exit in July 2019. This is the first successful exit made by an international private equity fund in Nepal. We had invested in Godawari International on April 2017 to help company increase its export of doggy chews, manufactured across several remote villages by several micro diaries in Province 1 of Nepal . At present, Godawari employs 17 direct individuals in its company with women representing 23% of the workforce. Women representation was nil prior to Bo2 investment. Our investment supplemented to support job of 1,750 people employed across 350 micro dairies located in Province 1 and 3 of Nepal and support supplementary income to more than 4,015 small holder farmers who have been supplying milk to these micro dairies. Godawari is one of the few USFDA registered dog chews processing companies in Nepal processing high quality chews.