MiDas Education Pvt. Ltd.

MiDas Education Pvt. Ltd. (MEPL) designs and develops animated interactive audio-visual educational materials like MiDas Edukit. It has been working towards bringing modern, scientific and customized ICT products to encourage education to empower teachers as well as the students. With the major theme of “Be Capable, Be Confident,” MEPL has come up with the innovative idea of MiDas  eCLASS  (in web, app and desktop version) with the prime theme “Play & Learn,” which attempts to give continuity to its rich legacy as a maker of advanced and imaging educational tools. MEPL, has launched an interactive audio-visual e-class based upon Nepal Government curriculum.  Bo2 is proud to partner with MiDas as it scales up its operations.

Contact Details:
Website : https://www.midas.com.np