Knit and Needle Pvt. Ltd. (KNPL)

Established in 2013, KNPL is the vision of Ms. Dahal, an MBA graduate who wanted to follow her passion to pursue her career in fashion industry. There are very few local ready-made garment-manufacturing outlets in Nepal that provide a brand name and haute couture. KNPL with its outlets around Nepal provides affordable fashionable clothing for women through their brand ‘July.’  Through Bo2 investment, KNPL will be able to scale up their outlets and provide a greater range of clothing to service the young women who would otherwise buy imported fashion ware.

Himalayan Chain Resort Pvt. Ltd. (HCRPL)

One of the major weak factors in the tourism industry in Nepal, including the high tourists pulling destinations such as the Khumbu region, is infrastructure. Infrastructure refers not only to road construction and transportation facilities but also to the availability of well-managed hotels, lodges and resorts that offer not only good services, but are consistent in their hospitality for  travelers. With the rise of tourism in the region, HCRPL with cumulative industry experience of over half a century wants to further expand their business following the company’s vision to build their trail of lodges in the Khumbu region. Bo2 partnership with Dawa Steven Sherpa, a trusted and well known entrepreneur in the industry of adventure tourism, will be utilized in building chain of eco-lodges using local materials and architecture, and organic agriculture along the trail, building jobs, boosting eco-tourism, enhancing sustainable economy for the locals in the region and establish itself as an integral vertebrae of the tourism sector in Khumbu/Everest valley and the nation.

Saral Urja Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in the year 2013, Saral Urja Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (SUN) is one of the pioneer companies working in solar industry in Nepal with strong vision on increasing the access to electricity in Nepal market. The management team of SUN carries a strong vision on how to make use of the available opportunity of solar solutions into business advantage by developing innovative solutions which is made catered to the need of our Nepalese market urban and rural. Experts have always time and again pointed out that Nepal has great potential for at least four types of solar energy technology: grid-connected PV, solar water heaters, solar lanterns and solar home systems and 40% of the population still do not have access to grid power. Bo2 investment in Saral Urja is going to help the company grow and expand in its vision to boost the participation of solar energy in the Nepal’s energy mix and provide electricity primarily to the rural community.

Godawari International Pvt. Ltd.

Nepalese population has been consuming hardened form of cheese locally known as ‘Churpi / Durkha’ since ancient times but since past few years with rising change in consumer behavior to feed their pets with human grade food, this traditional Nepali snacks has become very popular in developed market as the preferred snacks for their dogs. Thus, this demand has accelerated a great opportunity for the people in places like Illam where these Churpi are handcrafted in over 1000 homes, at over 200 micro diaries and for processing plant like our partner company – Godawari International Pvt. Ltd. The multiplier effect this industry can make to the Nepalese economy if companies like Godawari International scale up the results will be enormous.  BO2 is helping GIPL to attain that goal. The vision of Godawari International’s founder is to increase export of the ‘Churpi – hardened form of cheese’ in the international market. Godawari International Pvt. Ltd. is USFDA registered and with Bo2 investment has better working capacity, built one of the exemplary processing plants for ‘Churpi’ in the nation and the company is a step ahead towards its mission to  deliver best quality Nepal- made Churpi to its customers globally.


Shanti Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Shanti Engineering has been in the metal fabrication industry for more than three decades. Over the years has diversified its business from traditional fabrication works to solar panel, automation works, remote controlled equipment, penstock pipes, metallic improved cooking stoves etc. The entrepreneurs are always willing to explore new market, provide new products and expand their business. With Bo2 investment, Shanti Engineering is set to work at a larger capacity with a new and large factory and become a market leader in the domestic market.


Le Sherpa Pvt. Ltd.

Born and bred to become an entrepreneur, the founder of the company always had his dream to own the finest fine dining restaurant in Nepal.  Mr. Sherpa established Le Sherpa in 2011.  With his team, he has successfully built his brand as one of well-liked name for fine dining in Kathmandu visited, appreciated and re-visited by tourists, expats and affluent Nepalese community alike.  With Bo2 investment, the founder has relocated the restaurant in a new space with better capacity and improved store image.  The weekly farmers market that restaurant has in its premises is another major event that has been a great platform for new entrepreneurs to sell their product innovation and a nurturing platform to build entrepreneurship to pave their dream. Currently, the founder lives his dream with an establishment and reputation that Le Sherpa has as one of the best fine dining restaurant location in Nepal.


Dalle Restaurant Pvt. Ltd

Two friends started their business in 2012 not to sell a different food menu but to sell the similar food menu sold at every other restaurant around the corners of Kathmandu differently. Within short period of time their recipe worked i.e. Dalle became a great success story and a well-recognized brand name among Kathmanduites within a year of operation with chains all over town. The founders of Dalle always had the dream to lead the fast casual restaurant space of Nepal market. Bo2 has partnered with the founders to build ‘Dalle’ chain of outlets across Kathmandu. With Bo2 investment, Dalle is not just one of the leading fast casual national chain restaurant but an institution that has been offering much needed jobs to over 100 youths of Nepal. Women represent over 25 % of DRPL workforce.

Dalle momos served at 30,000 feet.